Sunday, 19 June 2011

C is for: Camping, Caravans, Cool Cars, Charity Shops & Car Boots (and probably loads more stuff we love...)

Whilst trying to decide on things for each letter for our A-Z, we struggled a bit with C, it seems everything we LOVE starts we a C! So we thought we would touch a little on all of them! 

As were off the Glastonbury on Wednesday its only fitting to start with camping! The best kind of camping as you're with your friends, listening to great music everyday, and its an excuse to drink cider (ooh there's another C!) from 9am! So we've packed our Hunters, chosen our tents, and planned our outfits!
Now, the biggest problem we have is festival hair! No shower for 5 days, there's only so much dry shampoo can fix! So we've made these fabulous straw boater hats, accessorized with gorgeous vintage fabric, perfect for covering our less than fabulous hair and shielding us from the rays (Please let there be sunshine!).

Hats £6, Available via our Facebook page.

Now, if we were more organised, or had more money, we'd be glamping it up in a beautiful old VW Camper, We'd both love to get our hands on one of these, decorate it pretty, fill it with vintage glass crockery and a great roadtrip sound track, and take it out to the sunny countryside. As we're nowhere near owning our own, I decided to hire one as my wedding car, which was so much fun and really started the day off in the right mood!
We got ours from Morecombe & Wize, but there are loads of places out there who hire them out for weddings or weekend hire. Snail Trail also have some fabulous ones, check them out here. And speaking of wedding cars, Laurie went down the Cool Cars route with a gorgeous VW Beetle. Just Fabulous!

And finally, our last two Cs, Charity Shops and Car Boots! Basically we just love a bargain and really old stuff! Our weekends are spent scouring the charity shops for old ladies unwanted bits or getting up early to head to a field and hope for that amazing piece of furniture! Our recent finds include: a 50s table, a yellow glass dressing table set, a 60s Soda Stream and a teak mirror.

That's it for our C's, we'll see you all the other side of Glasto, or maybe see you there!
Much Love
Sarah & Laurie xXx